Hawaii Tantra Festival 2020

Hawaii Tantra Festival
When February 1, 2020 - February 5, 2020
7:15 pm - 12:00 pm


Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center
12-6860 Kalapana - Kapoho Road
Pāhoa, HI 96778
United States


I’m honored to be teaching “Tantra Beyond the Binary: Sacred Sexuality for All” as part of the lineup at this year’s Hawaii Tantra Festival! Enter promo code HTFAlex during checkout for $50 off your ticket. Details below…

The Hawai’i Tantra Festival is under new management and leadership, and the theme is: “Where Do We Go From Here?” The new Core Team of the HTF is calling in a revival!

We are reaching out and inviting all who are thirsty for global and personal transformation to join us in celebration, love, and eros as we hold a meeting of the minds and hearts on 20 acres of tropical rain forest jungles at the Kalani eco-resort by the ocean in the Big Island of Hawai’i.

There are so many flavors: classical tantra, neo-tantra, sacred sexuality, or love consciousness, but whatever you call it, more and more of us are wanting to speak and enact more love in our lives. In holding this sacred festival we are offering the global community a time and space to do that.

Ideas of radical self-love and self-acceptance are spreading. There is a global movement of us who want to usher in a new era of love and unity among families, communities, and nations. We are ready to release our shame, guilt, anger, and pain. We want to be different and create a different world for ourselves. If this sounds like you, join us on the Island of Hawaii in February.

What you can expect:


Morning movement and meditation sessions will enliven body, mind, and spirit. Then easefully flow into intentional, inspiring, and thought-provoking workshops available throughout the day led by internationally recognized facilitators passionate about sharing their work and insights with you! Let it be the fuel for your inner FIRE, stimulating mindful expansion and transformation.


Celebratory evening events will be a time to rejoice for expanded connections and insights, filled with music, dance, rituals, and entertainment, bringing our Ecstatic Community together in Ecstatic Communion. Allow the binding, grounding, healing power of the EARTH to unite us in embodied bliss, creating positive and passionate memories together!


Share intimate moments with self and others, in the sunshine, under the tropical starlit sky, cuddled by a fire or soaking in the hot tub. Relax in the Tea-Lounge-Cuddle (TLC) Tent amidst cushions and smiles.

Looking for more adventure or spaciousness, venture to the magical black sand clothing-optional beach or secret beach, both a few miles from the event venue. Connect with the power of the Big Island! The sounds, smells, sights, tastes, and textures of the Big Island will bring you alive. In this nature bath, your sense will tingle with energy and your breath will reach corners of your being that have been calling for fresh air.


Located on the lush and lively Puna coast, we will be gathering at beautiful and spacious Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center, the world-famous birth site of Ecstatic Dance. Onsite accommodations and nearby accommodations are available.


Lydia Kindheart, the founder of Lydia’s Organics and Lydia’s Foods in Northern California, has over 30 years of nutrition and culinary practice in creating her award-winning raw and cooked snacks, beverages and cuisine. She is one of the original pioneers in the organic-vegan food movement and has served her gluten-free, organic, and vegan products to over 1 million people. Lydia is growing roots here on the Big Island and is designing and preparing the meals for Hawaii Tantra Festival.


The Puna coast is a lush and fun place to visit. There are lots of options. You can stay onsite at Kalani in a cottage or dorm. If you rent a car you can pick an Airbnb in Seaview, Puna Palisades, Kehena, or elsewhere on the Red Road (HWY 137) and drive to Kalani each day.

Full event lineup/program and other details about the Hawaii Tantra Festival, including FAQs, lodging, and transportation, can be found at www.HawaiiTantraFestival.com.

Use Alex’s link for $50 off your registration! http://bit.ly/HTFAlex or click the Register button: